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Ms Wheelchair 2021

Erica Myron

I have been volunteering my talents for Ms Wheelchair's competition for over 5 years.

What started out as a favor for my dear friend Patty, founder of The Dane Foundtion and Ms Wheelchair USA, has turned into a yearly gift. The ladies are so inspiring. They don't let their disability be a disability.

I am blessed to be apart of such a great Non-profit organization. For their weekly competition they have many platforms to go through and the end is where I come in, they do their platform on stage and aired, I give them a formal style or a style of their choice. The tricky part is that I do not have the normal time to do such a style, I have to create their styles quickly so they can get thru all the stages of competition. Even though it can get a little hectic, I am there to help them feel beatiful and offer encouragement and help them relax and it truly is a blessing to me to be able to be aprt of this great organization.

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