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Grey Blending

Embrace your Grey

These services are for you if you are ready to embrace your grey. Grey blending is when you're not ready to go all in just yet. but want to dip your toe in the possibility of letting it all come out someday.  I will customize and formulate color to create a natural look as you let some of your natural grey shine thru.

Full Grey Blend                      
Full Grey Blend + Haircut      
Partial  Grey Blend                
Partial Grey Blend + Haircut

$108 +
$138 + 
$82 +
$103 +

Transform your Grey

Transformation is when you are ready to go all in and embrace your grey fully but still have some color that has grown out and just want it all to look naturally grey. 

Are you ready to Transform?

Grey Transformarion

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it last?

Formulated color is permanate. Lifestyle, hair products and water types could alter the longevity.

How long will transformation take?

Transformations are a  minimum of a 2-3 hour service. Final results may require additional sessions.

What will transformation cost?

Starting at $259 per session. 1-3 Sessions over time may be needed to achieve final result.  Price and timing will be discussed  during consultation.
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