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Hair Treatments

Treat Yourself & Your Hair

Hair treatments are the perfect add on to your appointment to conquer a problem you are having with your hairs texture or quality.
Or a special treat for you and your hair needs.

Malibu Treatment

Well water, chlorine, color and product build-up can cause hair color to fade out faster and it can add unwanted red or orange tones to your hair making it feel heavy and like straw or super slippery. This treatment aids in the removal of the unwanted in the hair leaving it fresh and lightweight again.

Starting at $25
Suggested Maintenance: Minimum of 2-4 per year   
Processing Time: 1 Hour
(15 minutes prep and finish + 45 Minutes under heated dryer)   

Hair Mask

Whether you want to maintain your color or your hair is dry, breaking, frizzing out and just not feeling like itself, a quick hair mask can nourish and condition your hair back to its luster. 

Starting at $8
Suggested Maintenance:  Once a Month to 8 weeks
Processing Time: 5 Minute Add on to any Hair Service

Moisture +

Gives dry hair manageability and softness to maintain the hairs natural and optimal moisture balance along with anti-aging properties.

Starting at $10
Suggested Maintenance:  As needed. 
Processing Time: 5 minute add on to Hair Service

Insta Light Lamination

Aka Hollywood Shine. 
Soft, smooth, silky and nourishes the hair for a glass like healthy glow. Revives hair color and can make the hair look fuller. Lasts up to 3 shampoos.

Starting at $20
Suggested Maintenance:  As needed. + Take home products
Processing Time: 30-60 minutes


Integrity Repair or Reconstruct

Integrity Repair instantly restructures and restores dry and damaged hair to nourish and strengthen.
Integrity Reconstruct repairs and restores hairs natural components.

Starting at $24 - $33
Suggested Maintenance:  As needed. + Take home products for maximum impact
Processing Time: 15-30 minutes

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